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And we have all kinds of pictures - photos submitted by guys like you, photos of porn stars, of waanebee studs, of ordinary guys from the house next door. It's our aim to get the penis out of the pants, to reveal it for what it actually is, the magnificent, glorious male organ, the source of so much pleasure and so much pain...and to show men with a small dick who are convinced they'll never cut it with women, that 99% of women just don't care about penis size; to show men with dicks so big they can't ever enjoy full penetration, that actually there are ways of having great sex. In short, we have pictures of every size and shape of the adult male penis. All cocks featured on this site are attached to adult men over the age of 18, without exception.

To show men who have an average-sized penis and still think they can't measure up, hiding their cocks away, that they don't need to be shy. To encourage men whose penis isn't average in size or shape to think of it as the magnificent male member it is. To show guys whose cock has a twist, a bend, a skin bridge or a prominent scar that they are one of millions of men with the same shaped cock: for all these guys we have a message: stand up (or let your penis stand up) tall and proud, and show off what you've got! (Every penis is just as good as the one!) Variation in penis size is all part of the human male condition: all part of the - excuse us - package of being male.

There's no shame in your cock, whatever your school friends may have told you. And no matter what society tells us about penis size, every cock is a tool worth having: every penis can bring you and your partner immense pleasure. No matter what your size, no matter what your shape, and no matter how normal or not you think your penis looks, you can still enjoy massive sexual pleasure with it.

We're here to show you that whatever you're packing in your pants is normal. Whatever size of organ God graced you with, is yours for life. Barring small changes in size from penis enlargement programs - what you have now is yours, and that's the way it's going to be for life. You'd better make the most of it, and if you have any problems about what it looks like, now's the time - and here's the place - to get them sorted out.

You don't need to sit around wondering what's normal - you are! The evidence is all here, in hundreds, nay thousands of photos, where you can see exactly what other men around the world, around your neighborhood, have to offer. Those big penises, the ones you never believed possible, the ones twelve inches long when erect, may be hung on the guy who lives next door. (That's why his wife always looks so distracted - he can never get much of it inside her.) And the cock that looks so tiny might be on the biggest bragger at the office, the one who's just making up for his inferiority complex.

So let's have a bit of straight talking about penis size for once. This is the place where you can truly get the facts: what is normal? How many men have a large dick? And what do women think of it? We've spent ten years building up a library of knowledge about penis size unlike any other website on the internet. No matter what your question, we have the answer. And if you just want to enjoy looking at a few cocks (well, thousands, it has to be admitted), then that's fine too.

There are just about 2900 penis size photographs arranged in order of size - more or less - so that no matter what you want to see you can find it straight away. Men with a small cock will quickly realize that they have millions of fellow men with smaller endowments! It's normal.....whatever you have between your legs is normal. And what's more, your sexual partner will not care what size your cock happens to be. We can prove that to you! We have links to every kind of website on male sexuality you could ever want, including small penis support groups and large penis support groups...

Images Of Size - An Amazing Collection Of Penis Photos

There's a truly astounding collection of penis pictures on this website, showing ones which vary from 12 inches (30 cm) or more when fully erect to penises which are a mere inch or so (2.5 cm) long when hard. this website has the biggest collection of penis photographs you will ever find. And that includes rare photos of hypospadias and Peyronie's and just about every other penile variation you can think of.

Read what one commentator said about our website after he had prostate surgery and his cock shrank (as it unfortunately sometimes does after this kind of surgery): "I've never been a locker-room peeker, never given much thought to the natural endowment of other men, but it certainly seems to be a matter of fascination to many guys. Okay, I'm an Internet peeker: There's a Web site,, that offers three thousand close-up photos of penises of every size, shape, acute angle, and race. The angular dangle is called Peyronie's disease, a term we learned when Monica Lewinsky announced that the First Dick had a distinctive shape. But what is particularly interesting about the site is the number of pictures of men with the tiniest peepees you can imagine. I'm talking an inch . . . half an inch ... an inch erect, even. It's reassuring to many of us to see that others have the same or even less to work with than we do. Talk to women who are willing to be honest about what works for them, and you'll find that if anything, circumference is more pleasurable than length. Having one's cervix slammed isn't particularly desirable, apparently. What matters infinitely more than length, girth, or circumference is, in fact, distance. The long-distance runners are definitely not lonely when it comes to sex."

Some of the bizarre, unexpected, amazing and just downright astonishing galleries on this site:

This is something else. You have to wonder what men with a twelve inch erection can actually do with it. After all, no woman can take it, and he's never going to be able to experience deep penetration to the hilt like a man with an average sized penis. Still, seeing is believing. If any well-endowed man wants to tell us how he copes, or send photos of himself sunk in his partner to his balls, just to prove it can be done, we'll put the pictures in the

biggest penis pictureBLACK MEN!
The facts are clear: there are racial differences in penis size, and these pictures prove it.

And did you think your balls where a bit small, or a bit chunky? Check out what scrotum size looks like in hundreds of men (you'll be amazed at what you see!)

Men in porn with small dicks? Who thought such a thing could ever happen? But it's true, there are small-cocked men who don't give a damn!

See over 850 small, even tiny, penises - some of them only an inch long...some two inches long (and that's when they're erect). Nothing is abnormal in the world of penis size.

And hundreds and hundreds of massive members, so big they could knock you out with one blow. Well, we might be exaggerating, but they are pretty amazing monsters. Hard to believe, hard to understand, and hard to live with, we would think. But very exciting to look at....if that's what turns you on.

If you'd like to send some dick pictures, then please send them to:

The latest email from a reader:

"I have the tiniest of penises - sometimes less than 0.5". Erect up to 5". I have had a very satisfying sex life and have 5 children. I hope this can give hope to others. I'm more ashamed of being naked in front of men than women, who tend to be less judgmental." Robert (UK). Robert's pictures are on show inside the website.....

We're always adding new penis pictures often, so come again as often as you can!


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